Equipment integrated with AR Solutions platform

RealWear HMT-1 with hardhat RealWear HMT-1 RealWear HMT-1 screen
Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
Epson Moverio BT-350 Epson Moverio BT-350 Epson Moverio BT-350
Real Wear HMT-1
Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
Epson Moverio
  • Powerful head-mounted device

    Head-mounted or helmet-mounted device (snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps) that can be worn with safety glasses or prescription glasses. The display has six degrees of freedom to adjust it for each eye (can be in front of an eye when used and out of the way when not used).

  • Hands-free use with voice control

    High-resolution micro display fits just below line of sight and compares to viewing 7” tablet. Superb noise cancellation and voice recognition features allows working in noisy environments. Completely hands-free, all interaction via voice commands.

  • High performance in demanding conditions

    Adapted to work in hazardous and noisy industrial environments, IP-66 water resistant and dust tight, shock resistant to 2m drops onto concrete from any angle, and falls from a height, good visibility in bright sunlight and a flash for operation after dark.

  • Functional and non-invasive transparent display

    Wearable device that fits like a pair of glasses, with a transparent display with an AR function and hands-free operation with the use of voice commands. Great camera performance along with video streaming functions.

  • Lightweight, fast and durable

    Runs on Android platform. More memory, improved CPU compared to previous Glass model. 820mAh battery with fast charge allow device to work longer. Google Glass is also water and dust resistant.

  • Dedicated to technical workers and specialists

    Voice-activated assistance, i.e. voice commands, thanks to which the user can start the appropriate application at any time. Equipped with a multi-touch gesture touchpad. Glasses are light and comfortable for hours of use.

  • Bright Si-OLED-powered, binocular see-through smart glasses

    The glasses will fit the user’s head and binocular lenses provide a wide field of view. High image quality thanks to HD quality display (720p). High contrast ratio of 100,000:1 allows for augmented content that can be immersively overlaid onto the real world.

  • Easy and comfortable to use

    A robust design that can be worn by a wide range of users and excellent performance with a battery life of up to 6 hours. The glasses can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to a removable dimmer.

  • Perfect for commercial use

    It is operated by a controller with a touch panel. Contextual information, such as task instructions and tips, video training, displayed in high quality – clear images and vivid colors, and the ability to display 3D content.

Interactive dashboard and data analysis

User account management

Creating accounts and a hierarchy of access for users, allowing for grouping, granting permissions as well as tracking activity from the application.

Analytical and reporting module

Statistics from data collected in an accessible and visual form, graphs comparing task execution times based on various variables and correlations between indicators, as well as the ability to generate reports.

Flexibility and an open platform model

Ability to independently create elements, e.g. procedures, checklists, instructions, assigning tasks to employees and building a knowledge base containing drawings, diagrams, project documentation.

AR Solutions dashboard

Implementation process


1. Brief on the process

and discuss areas where AR Solutions could add value

2. Analyse value added

create inventory of use cases and potential implementation areas

3. Prioritize

tasks based on previous steps

4. Test

various AR equipment and our software with customer

5. Choose AR eqiupment

for specific customer requirements and applications

6. Integrate

with customer’s internal systems

7. Pilot

solution by workers in their work environment

8. Verify

assumptions and confirm added value, identify potential issues

9. Train

employees in use of AR equipment and software

10. Institutionalize

solution in all applicable departments


and provide post-implementation support

Implementation areas

Among highly specialized industries, increased complexity of processes increases risk of critical errors that generate high cost. Wherever daily operations are expensive, dangerous and the reality limits the possibilities to properly and quickly train employees, lies potential of augmented reality applications.

Elevated risk

Human errors lead to incidents (60% of incidents due to human error) or equipment damage

Complicated tasks

Multi-step tasks often require referring to procedures and bringing up engineering drawings

High operational costs

Repairs lead to costly unproductive time

Complex processes

Advanced technologies require specialized skills and constant learning

Forgotten first line workers

80% workers worldwide are deskless and they are lacking tools improving their work and productivity

Lack of experienced workforce

Skilled labour is in deficit and hundreds of thousands would be needed in next five years in EU

What's unique about AR Solutions

AR Solutions a product, process and organizational innovation. It is a response to real problems and challenges faced by enterprises with deskless workforce.

Holistic nature
Ease of use
Verified equipment
Fit for industrial use
Efficient process control
Increased safety
Higher quality
Productivity measurement
Remote supervision and control
Effective training and onboarding of new employees
Remote consultations with subject matter experts
Process analysis and optimization

Find out how the implementation in your company could look like

The process of implementing AR Solutions in the enterprise is prepared together with the client. Needs analysis is the identification of areas, selection of equipment and functions that create a dedicated package of benefits.

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