We had an opportunity to talk about our product in an interview for Newseria.
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– Augmented Reality is just developing, new tools keep coming in. So far, solutions from the retail, e-commerce, entertainment and interior visualizations sectors have appeared on the market. AR Solutions product, we want to put emphasis on offering enterprises the possibility of using this technology in a simple way. The point is that it should be an effective solution that will allow you to see the results of implementing this technology. Achieve measurable benefits in the form of cost savings or reduction of the risk of human error. 

– We offer a product that allows augmenting digital content on AR glasses, so that a field worker can see how to perform a given activity. This minimizes the risk of human error. The glasses will allow you to connect with a remote expert or conduct videoconferences. Employee will see what, e.g. an office worker sees on his/her screen. He/she will be able to recall a schematic of the device, send directions and instruct on how to perform a given task.

Magdalena Chrzanowska – for Newseria Innowacje
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